To the editor,

I would like to bring to your attention and alarming post published in Sun Patriot Newspapers' July 18 and 20 editions. The caricature featuring the President of the United States hugging the KKK and Adolf Hitler. I find this political satire extremely offensive, and I believe that you as the editor could have a better choice of caricatures that actually are funny and not offensive to the majority of the population.

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, this imagery supporting the implication of a supposed partnership between Trump, KKK and Hitler is extremely offensive and I would not want anyone in our modern society portrayed in this fashion. I would not want your picture there, nor would I want my government representative of state of Minnesota’s picture their, our governor Tim Walz, our city council members, not even Ilhan Omar’s, or any other government representative of Congress.

I would not want any other legislation person pictured in this type of characterization. This parody is not funny, and it does not belong in a publicly printed paper which is designed, according to your own language as “to be supportive and protective of the community and its members”. I quote from your letters to the editor policy, ….”with the goal being to make this a better Community for all people who live, work and visit here. Please be courteous in your letters and make sure to offer opinions that will be constructive rather than destructive in nature”

You as the editor have the choice whether or not to publish a particular cartoon or another, regardless of how you feel about artist Dave Granlund, who is obviously a very talented artist, you should know that your selection choices of these articles influence how well your paper does in our marketplace. This characterization didn’t need to be in the paper, and it really turns your publication from a place of information to a political persuasion and propaganda piece. Hitler controlled the country by using the media to peddle his propaganda. Your publication of this cartoon is supporting the exact same thing, and paints you in the same light.

I find it objectionable and highly offensive as I’m sure many other people do in this community.

I call on others from our community who share my opinion to chime in and voice a response to Sun Patriot Newspapers to get your opinions heard, that we just don’t find this type of propaganda as funny, nor are we going to put up with it. Supporting racial division, supporting political unrest and tension, is not the job of Sun Patriot Newspapers and has been allowed to go on for way too long. We find ourselves having to apologize for being members of the United States community, and ridiculed on a world stage. By publishing this cartoon, Mr. Editor, you are also supporting that effort! Maybe you don’t realize that?

We don’t have to support this, we have a choice.

I am making my choice, and I asked you Mr. Editor to make better choices of your content, to be consistent and supportive of the members of your communities !

Tony Strong


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