To the editor,

This year Long Lake is fortunate to have multiple candidates interested in serving on City Council. While each candidate has their own background and strengths, I think Mike Feldmann’s analytical and finance background would be a tremendous asset to the Council. Mike has a PhD in Chemistry with a minor in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and works as a software developer in finance. In view of the present Council’s focus on raising tax revenue and fees, I think Mike’s experience and skills would be of tremendous value to assist the Council in developing a financial strategy to keep Long Lake affordable.

Mike is committed to fiscal responsibility. Mike would work hard to understand and implement strategies to make sure the City is efficiently using your tax dollars to fund city services, road maintenance, and road reconstruction projects.

Mike appreciates the unique character and charm of Long Lake and does not favor high density development. He is committed to engaging the community for any large scale development projects in Long Lake to make sure these projects are consistent with the community’s vision for Long Lake. He has experienced development in his own backyard and would review any development project to make sure it reflects the community’s vision for Long Lake as opposed to the developer’s vision for Long Lake.

Mike supports the Long Lake Fire Dept. and would make a Long Lake fire facility a priority. I hope you will consider Mike Feldmann for Long Lake City Council. Additional information for the candidate can be found on the candidate’s website

Deirdre M Kvale

Long Lake

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