To the editor,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the Orono school board. My passion for public education and desire to serve the community have led me to run at this time.

My strong support of public education is evidenced by 14 years of volunteer service as a parent in the Orono school district, starting with my role on the Orono Early Childhood and Family Education advisory board when my oldest son was an infant.

As my two sons move through Orono schools, my involvement continues. My volunteer experiences include serving as Treasurer on the parent organization boards at the elementary and middle school levels, leading fundraising events and student enrichment activities for these organizations, participating as a parent volunteer in various school settings assisting both students and staff and volunteering for youth sports clubs in the community.

My commitment to public education and community service is rooted in my upbringing by a dedicated public school teacher and coach, my father, and a mother who was actively involved as a parent volunteer in my school district. Following their example, my sister currently works in the public education system as a middle school counselor.

My desire to serve the community led me to pursue a law degree. My background and training as an attorney provide me with strong problem solving and negotiation skills as well as the ability to listen and view an issue with an objective perspective. In my ongoing service on various non profit boards in the community, I have successfully worked with individuals with a variety of different backgrounds, perspectives, skill sets and personalities.

Public education plays a crucial role in preparing our youth to be successful adults and future leaders in their communities. I believe that this is best accomplished with the guidance of a compassionate, collaborative, respectful and responsible school board that strives for the best possible district for its students, families and the community as a whole. I would be honored to serve our community as a school board member for the Orono school district.

Ali Howe


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