Local businessman Randy Heuer was looking for a change of scenery as he made the transition from sales and marketing to opening his own local handyman franchise, TruBlue Total House Care of Delano.

After college, Heuer began working on as a field representative for a dairy co-op. Six years later, he made the switch to newspaper sales and on June 1, he officially opened his Delano location.

“I was a dairy farmer for five years and I loved the aspect of being my own boss. I really wanted to get back to that and I figured at my age, it was the time to do it,” he said.

TruBlue offers handyman services, emergency repairs, yard care, seasonal services and house cleaning for homeowners, families, seniors and anyone looking for handyman work. Heuer’s location serves Delano, Maple Plain, Long Lake, Orono and other surrounding cities. It was wanting something new that motivated Heuer to open his own location.

“I was looking to do something different. I enjoyed the newspaper industry. I enjoyed marketing. I enjoyed sales...So far it has been a wonderful learning experience. It’s been going well,” he said.

Going out to learn about customer’s projects and hear each story is what Heuer has enjoyed most about going out into the field himself.

“We also work with a lot of families who are busy. They like their house. They like where they live, but they don’t want to spend all their free time on the weekends working on home maintenance. Those are families we want to talk to,” Heuer said.

Heuer’s goal is to grow his business and build a team of workers who help families and homeowners with their projects in order to give them more time with family and friends. Heuer adds it’s also a way for homeowners to get things fixed in a timely manner.

“The biggest thing is don’t let things go. If something needs to be fixed lets get on it and do it the right way so it doesn’t become a bigger problem...That’s really the fun part. Helping people out and taking care of the problems that they have,” he said.

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