Located on the south side of Wayzata Boulevard in Long Lake, Skingevity Face & Body Spa derives its name from “skin” and “longevity.” The combination doesn’t just make for a catchy name though.

“Our main focus is non-invasive skin care creating longevity,” said owner Amanda Lemmage.

Lemmage provides the bulk of the spa’s services herself, which range from skin treatments to haircuts to massages. With just two other employees on board and a cozy 800 square feet of space, the outfit is all about individualized and specialized attention for each customer.

“I like to educate,” Lemmage said.

Many of the services offered at Skingevity are more scientifically advanced than one might expect, and Lemmage’s wide array of credentials help her to explain each one.

“I want to make sure to educate and inform them, so that they’ll feel excited but comfortable,” Lemmage added.

Some of this education centers around the variety of products offered at the spa, including a makeup line recently launched for exclusive sale at Skingevity. This line earned the spa recognition in the May edition of Les Nouvelle Esthetiques, an international aesthetics magazine.

“It’s more of a treatment line,” Lemmage said of the line of products, which is produced through Sothys. “It’s not something that was created just for using makeup.”

The top-selling foundation, out of the three offered in the line, is the anti-aging foundation keeping well in line with the spa’s focus. Many of the other products offered at the spa, such as SkinCeuticals and Comfort Zone, focus on improving skin health in addition to any other purpose.

Though known for these products, much of Skingevity’s value to its customers comes from the services it offers. The spa’s trademark service is the HydraFacial MD Treatment, and it’s just one of three facilities in Minnesota to offer the four-step treatment.

“This isn’t something that’s found in average day spas,” Lemmage said. “It’s good for any type of skin issue; we can really customize it.”

Lemmage detailed the steps in the treatment, which like many facials begins with the opening of the pores. However, the process used to open pores in the HydraFacial is known for being less invasive than other facial processes.

From there, HydraFacial consists of a very light acid peel, followed by an exfoliation process.

“(Exfoliation) allows us the extract the impurities, excess oils and the dead skin,” Lemmage said. “You can see in the vial what was removed. It’s just amazing.”

Lastly, the process infuses hyaluronic acid into the pores, which Lemmage identified as the key ingredient to reversing aging.

She reported the results are noticeable and immediate.

“Clients will come the day of an event, or the day before, which is different than a lot of services, where you have a two week downtime,” she said.

“It’s really gratifying,” Lemmage added.

In addition to the HydraFacial, Skingevity offers a cellulite and body shaping program, LED light therapy for a variety of purposes, massages and hair cuts. According to Lemmage, the wide array of services has drawn in customers of similar variety in age.

She said customers ranging from teenagers to those well into their 60s have come into the spa. The customer base is primarily female, but Lemmage said that men do come in for haircuts and massages, and some have expressed interest in the other services as well.

“We’ve invited a lot of men in, and they should feel invited,” Lemmage said. “It’s not just for women, after all.”

Lemmage lives in Spring Park and said, “It’s great to have a direct tie-in to the community.”

Her son, who will be 12 in June, attends Orono schools.

For more information on Skingevity and any of its products or services, visit


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