When Long Lake resident and nurse John Furzland was looking for the next step in his career, providing in-home care was at the top of his list.

Furzland, who has 18 years of experience working in the medical field, was faced with the choice to go back to work, but decided it is the time to start his home care business called Executive N.P. Almost all of Furzland’s experience is in urgent care; however, he is certified for family practice and has about six years of experience as a nurse practitioner.

Since Executive N.P launched in November, Furzland has worked with a few in-home patients and is able to offer patients the same care they would receive if at urgent care.

“My big thought was everyone is doing tele-medicine now, but it’s so hard. They can see you and hear what you’re saying, but if you’re calling with shortness of breath … you’re missing the rest of the exam,” Furzland said.

Because Furzland is going into homes, he is able to give patients a full exam and provide some medications, but does not carry prescription medication. He also provides urine drug screening, sports physicals, flu and strep testing, treats minor limb injuries, provides breathing treatments and migraine treatment. A list of services can be found at executivenp.com.

“I know you shouldn’t have a stranger coming in during COVID-19 but I’m not bringing in a lot of germs,” Furzland said.

After visiting with a patient, Furzland sanitizes everything with UVC sanitizing lights to prevent any chemical smell or irritation to patients. Furzland also understands that people are understandably hesitant to have someone come into their home but says that patients would be exposed to more germs at a clinic.

Those interested in a possible home visit can visit the business’ website or give Furzland a call at (651) 332-1428. Appointment can also be booked online. Executive N.P. is covered under most medical insurance companies. Furzland adds that his business may not show up as listed in their network straight away.

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