Maple Plain is one step closer to having an upcoming brewpub, Iron Exchange Tavern and Brewery, open its doors before the New Year.

Iron Exchange Tavern and Brewery owners Todd and Mary Murley are opening their brewery complete with 20 tap lines alongside full bar and kitchen before the end of 2019. The brewpub will take over approximately 8,200-square-feet at the former Maple Plain Food Center, which closed its doors in 2018 after 52 years in business.

“The owner split the building in half and we are taking the western side...It’s definitely more of an open layout,” Todd Murley said.

The grocery store’s open layout allowed Murley to maintain the open feel. The local entrepreneurs installed a large bar area, an open kitchen, a stage for live music on the weekends and a window where visitors can view the brewing equipment. They also installed garage doors to create a patio, which will be ready next spring.

“It’s kind of everything - a one-stop-shop for everything,” Murley said.

Brewing beer and opening a brewery has been a dream of Murley’s and that dream will become reality because he will be the one brewing the various American styles until he finds an assistant. Among the 20 tap lines, Murley plans to have a variety of styles fit for all types of beer and cocktail drinkers.

“We’re probably going to have mostly American styles...I like hoppy stuff, so maybe at least one pale ale and IPA on tap. We will definitely always have something dark on tap, maybe a porter or stout...We’ll maybe do a blonde or cream ale,” he said.

Murley is an avid homebrewer and has also been working with a brewmaster to improve his abilities. A brewing consultant is also scheduled to visit Iron Exchange to work with the Murelys to get everything up and running.

After their day-to-day styles, they also hope to have seasonal specialty beers - such as an Oktoberfest - throughout the year. To go along with the beer and cocktail options, Iron Exchange will serve “handheld” foods, such as sandwiches, salads and Detroit style pizza.

“You wouldn’t come here for a steak dinner...It’s more upscale bar food. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything but we are trying to do the stuff we do well,” Murley said.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Murley is looking to bring a bit of his childhood into the brewery as well by including a traditional Wisconsin style fish fry.

“It’s a fish fry that I grew up with, which is smaller [fish]. It could be a perch or a panfish rather than a big piece of walleye that you get everywhere in Minnesota. We want to do it a little different,” he said.

Construction of the building and installation of the brewery equipment is expected to be completed by the end of October with plans to be open for business by the end of the year.

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