Fire service in Orono and Long Lake is set to change in the coming years.

At its Monday, April 12 city council meeting, the Orono City Council approved a consent agenda item that started the ball rolling on those changes.

The city council approved the agenda item that provides notice of termination to the City of Long Lake of the City Of Orono’s intent to terminate the fire service contracts in 2025.

In the city council’s agenda packet, it stated that City Council has indicated a desire to explore alternate means of providing fire protective services for the City of Orono once the current contracts reach their end on December 31, 2025. Two agreements relating to fire require 36 month notice or will automatically renew in five year increments.

With the council’s approval, Orono city administrator Adam Edwards sent a Notice of Termination notice to the city of Long Lake terminating contract for Joint Ownership Fire Station No. 1 that commenced in Aug. 2001.

Edwards also sent a Notice of Termination to Long Lake and Medina to terminate the agreement and contract for Fire Protection dated Oct. 15, 2002.

“The notice from the city was that we would not be extending or not continuing on with our fire service contract with the city of Long Lake,” Edwards said. “The existing contract has an end day of the last day of 2025 and we have a 36 month notice and we are within that so we wanted to provide that notice. Part of doing that now is making sure we are set up so there is fire service starting on the first of Jan. 2026.”

Long Lake Mayor Charlie Miner acknowledge the termination in his annual state of the city adress in April.

“Its not yet clear which city if any will operate Fire Station 1 after 2025 but I wanted to be as transparent as possible and let our residents know that this is on the horizon,” Miner said. “Besides discussions with Orono, Long Lake is also meeting on a regular basis with the state fire marshals office and other area city’s discussing the future of fire protection services in our area and that’s unrelated to Orono’s endeavor. It’s possible we will form a partnership with other area citys. The state fire marshals office has stated that there are too many separately operated fire deptartments in Minnesota and there should be more cconsolidation to better utilize personnel and resources. Stay tuned for more information on this important topic.”

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