Two junior cadets were sworn in at the Orono City Council meeting on Monday, June 10.

Pierce Pennaz, 18 and Alex Glasser, 20 were shown support by their family, friends and staff from Orono Public Schools as Director of Special Services Kristine Flesher and the Orono Police Department help Pennaz and Glasser start their journey in the Orono Transition Program.

“Their families have always been supportive and I have known them since they were nearly born. Pierce and Alex are ready for this challenge and we’re excited to watch their growth over the next eight weeks,” Flesher said.

The Orono Police Department is the second in the state to give young adults the option to join the Transition Program. The city of Orono along with the police department and The Transition Program came together to offer the Growth Through Opportunity (GTO) program.

According to Flesher, young adults with developmental disabilities who join the program gain skills by volunteering with their local police department as well as give the police department experience working with a diverse population.

Community Management Plan

The City of Orono also approved the 2020-2040 Community Management Plan, a document that establishes goals, policies and principles for the city. There is ongoing reviews of the document conducted by the Planning Commission and the city council.

“Careful reading will reveal that Orono’s past history and current goals have remained essentially the same,” the document states.

There are six parts to the document, including an overview, a foundation for Orono’s plan, the city’s land use plan, detailed plans for how the city will provide balanced levels of services as well as a description of ordinances and programs for implementation of the plan.

Orono’s planning goals include protecting and preserving Lake Minnetonka and the city’s natural resources, “To retain the existing urban-rural land use pattern on a permanent basis, to maintain local character and identity, to preserve open space, light, air and solar access, to protect the general public health, to guide investment and reinvestment in the City at densities consistent with environmental protection and the planned land use pattern and to protect the financial stability of the city.”

The entire document can be viewed online at

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