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Kelly Schall (left) and Melissa Wambold (Submitted photo)

Keep Clean and Safe, a women-owned personal protective equipment (PPE) business, recently opened in Orono and the owners are combining all of their skills and efforts to make PPE easily available.

While local resident Kelly Schall was searching for PPE for her husband’s business, she found it was difficult to find what she was looking for. As Schall made connections through the community, the idea to provide local businesses with quality products that are readily available sprouted.

“We realized small businesses should not have to work this hard to find stuff that they need,” she said.

Schall, along with business partner Melissa Wambold and a third partner, has used her knowledge of the industry to find quality PPE that would be easily available for businesses, schools and personal use.

While Keep Clean and Safe is only a few months old, the women behind the business are working to fill orders for customers throughout Minnesota. Their approach of providing real-time support and quality products has resonated well with business leaders.

“My team has learned first-hand that Kelly and Melissa are committed to bringing creative solutions while delivering a top-notch client experience and giving back to their community. These values align with those we live at SeaChange every day,” Wendi Breuer, President of SeaChange Print Innovations, said.

According to Schall, Keep Clean and Safe are working to take the guesswork out of PPE to make things easier for small companies, local fall festivals and local schools the business is working with.

The website offers information on different products as well as their prices. The business is also taking custom orders from its clients and has already experienced fast turnarounds in personalized masks.

The business has also found that companies are becoming more thoughtful with the PPE they are providing. Whether a client is looking for PPE made in the United States or to include branding, Keep Safe and Clean said they are hands-on with their clients to understand clients’ needs to provide custom products at custom prices.

“That’s part of the value we provide. We know how to hold the hands of our customers and help them bring what they need to their business. We’re helping them be thoughtful about the solutions they need,” Schall said.

Keep Clean and Safe are also taking opportunities to give back to the community where people need it most. As part of Wambold’s efforts, the company is looking to donate to organizations that “support women, children and family.” Visit for information.

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