Congratulations to Assistant Chief Andy Drilling, the recipient of the Mound Fire Department Firefighter of the Year for 2021.

Every year, Mound firefighters vote for one of the staff members with exceptional job performance to be selected as the department’s Firefighter of the Year. The recipient of the award is determined by and based upon a nomination and evaluation process, which involves all of the current Mound firefighters.

The award is based upon predetermined performance criteria including:

• Level of participation, involvement, and contribution to department

• Number of responses to emergency fire & rescue calls

• By attending and leading and department training sessions

• Amount of time dedicated to public relations activities

• Support of the department teamwork environment, and a positive attitude

All of these important firefighter attributes typically add up to an individual that is very dedicated to serve the fire department and improve public safety response.

Assistant Chief Andy Drilling has been a volunteer with the department since joining the ranks in May 2006. Assistant Chief Drilling is very dedicated to the fire department mission as shown by his outstanding day-to-day job performance and his high level of participation in all fire department activities.

Congratulations to Andy Drilling on his past accomplishments and for receiving this very special 2021 Firefighter of the Year Award.

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