You can now make that 10K.

Mound Mayor Ray Salazar said last week that the city’s Public Works department would now be undertaking the plowing of just over a mile of the Dakota Rail Trail this winter, from the Seton Avenue Bridge west to the Metro Transit parking deck, sealing in a total of 6.4 miles of trail clearing from now to mid-April.

“We’re trying to do everything physically possible to improve our town and also to improve our morale. This has really been a tough year,” said Salazar.

The cities of Orono, Minnetonka Beach and Spring Park had earlier coordinated to keep 5.25 miles of the popular trail cleared from mid-November through mid-April, a first for the area. The city of Mound is now extending that sweep, which starts at the Orono-Wayzata border, by an additional 1.15 miles.

“How can we get people out and exercising and enjoying the fresh outdoors and possibly seeing people, albeit from a distance?” Salazar said of Mound’s decision to pick up the shovel.

Three Rivers Park District, which owns the trail, has since the 2018 season reimbursed cities at $500 per mile per season to keep incentivize winter maintenance on its regional trails.

“It won’t cover all the expenses, so we’ll kick in a little, but it’s the right thing to do,” said Salazar.

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