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Annabelle Reinitz is a third-grader at Shirley Hills Primary School in Mound. She’s raised $330 for Children’s Hospital Minneapolis from selling her rubber-band bracelets. (Submitted photo)

An enterprising Shirley Hills third-grader has turned hobby into philanthropy.

Annabelle Reinitz, 8, of Mound has been making rubber-band bracelets to raise money for kids hospitalized at Children’s Hospital Minneapolis. Already, she’s raised $330.

Annabelle got the business bug after a school friend told her in September about their “business” of raking leaves...and so “Bracelets by Belle” was born.

Like any good executive, Annabelle pulled in the expertise of those she knew: Dad’s marketing know-how, along with the first orders placed by friends and family members, soon got her business booming.

Each order included a hand-written thank-you note and a self-designed logo. The original goal was to raise $100, but by December Annabelle had already made $330 in sales.

Annabelle’s grandmother said that Annabelle herself came upon it that “she didn’t really need the money for anything.”

“She thought about donating the money to a worthy cause,” said Grandma. “For her, the choice was obvious.”

“I started a company Bracelets by Belle to raise money for the Childrens Hospital to help other kids who are staying there,” reads a handwritten note from Annabelle.

In March 2018, Annabelle spent 10 days at Children’s Hospital Minneapolis, where she was diagnosed and treated for a rare kidney disease.

Her family said she is still being monitored but is doing well.

Grandma said that Annabelle, though not up to doing much during her stay at Children’s, “really appreciated the games and crafts that were brought in for her to play with.”

“I decided to give them the money to buy activities for kids in the hospital so they don’t get bored,” said Annabelle.

She wrote a letter to the hospital, explaining how she wanted the money to be used. She included pictures of herself, along with 20 bracelets for “the kids’ nurses and doctors to wear.”

In addition to making bracelets, Annabelle enjoys reading, arts and crafts and playing with her 4-year-old sister, Emmy. She plans to be a doctor or scientist when she grows up. Annabelle is the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Reinitz of Mound.

“Bracelets by Belle” can be reached at

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