CenterPoint grant for MFD.JPG

Mound Fire Chief Greg Pederson accepts $2,200 grant from CenterPoint’s Roger Schmitz. (Catherine Pausche/Mound City)

Mound Fire Department Chief Greg Pederson accepted on behalf of the Fire Department a $2,200 grant from CenterPoint Energy during the city’s Aug. 13 council meeting.

“We’re very excited and happy to get the grant,” said Pederson, who said the money would go toward gas monitors and the calibration cylinders used in them for detecting noxious fumes, including carbon monoxide and explosive gases.

“They’re essential. We use them every single week,” Pederson said of the monitors. “It’s a great thing for us.”

Mound Fire currently has five monitors. The monitors are Bluetooth enabled, and fire fighters don’t have to risk exposure to any gases inside an area they’re called to check on.

The grant is part of CenterPoint’s Community Partnership program, which has disbursed $1.8 million in grants across 967 projects in various communities nationally since the company began the program in 2003.

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