Detour route during the County Road 92 closure. (Courtesy of Hennepin County)

On Monday, July 26, Hennepin County began the three-month road and drainage improvements on County Road 92 between Highway 7 and Watertown Road (County Road 6) in St. Bonifacius, Minnetrista and Independence.

When the project is complete, the most notable change will likely be the improved safety and accessibility for people who walk and roll through downtown St. Bonifacius, a release said. People will also notice an improved experience when driving or riding a bike.

Less noticeable, but also important, will be the work we do to increase the longevity of the road and reduce drainage issues for nearby properties.

Pedestrian access and safety work and culvert replacements first

Currently, they are constructing the new pedestrian access and crossings, which include:

• New pedestrian curb ramps at Wildwood Avenue and Kennedy Memorial Drive that meet Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards

• New curb extension, or “bump outs,” at Kennedy Memorial Drive to provide shorter crosswalk distances

• Concrete medians on the north part of the Trista Lane intersection and the north part of the Highway 7 intersection

Weather permitting, this work is expected take up to three weeks to complete.

At the same time, crews began replacing the 13 culverts between Trista Lane and Watertown Road. They will replace the culverts one at a time, moving north to south, to ensure local access. There will be a full closure to through traffic, as noted below.

Weather permitting, this work is expected to take up to four weeks to complete.


After all the culvert work is done, crews will repave County Road 92 between Hillview Drive and Watertown Road.

Instead of a traditional mill and overlay, crews will use a method called full-depth reclamation. Full-depth reclamation involves removing and grinding up layers of asphalt down to the gravel layer and recycling them with new asphalt.

This method takes longer than a traditional mill and overlay but should result in the pavement lasting longer.

Weather permitting, these activities will take up to six weeks to complete.

10-week detour

County Road 92 is closed to through traffic between Hillview Drive and Watertown Road.

There is a detour for all through traffic. The detour for people driving is:

• Highway 7

• Westedge Boulevard / County Road 44

• Bartlett Boulevard / Commerce Boulevard / County Road 110

• Watertown Road (County Road 6)

Using these signed detours will keep you and others from experiencing additional delays and getting frustrated. It also helps local streets stay safe for the people who live, work and play in the area.

People walking, biking and rolling will need to use the detour route or other alternative routes outside of the construction zones. Local access will remain open.

Local access

During the culvert replacement work, County Road 92 will be closed at only one culvert location at a time to maintain access for residents and visitors within the construction area. This means you will still be able to get to your home, place of work or favorite business, but how you gain access to these places will change as work happens on each culvert.

Signage on site will help inform you of changes. You are also encouraged to call ahead to local businesses or other destinations to check on access issues ahead of time.

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