Hot, hot, hot! The city of Minnetrista declared an emergency water ban on Tuesday, June 8 after a week of searing sun and temps in the mid-90’s created a demand for more water than what the system could bear.

Water levels in municipal towers had gotten lower than what is necessary for local fire departments to provide adequate fire protection services, according to a news release posted on the city’s website.

According to the release, city water facilities are “pumping at maximum rates” but still unable to meet demand, much of that demand coming from home irrigation.

In effect until further notice, the emergency water ban prohibits all non-essential outdoor watering by those on the city’s water system. The ban extends to watering lawns, power washing, washing vehicles and filling pools, among other non-essential uses. Property owners with new sod or seed must obtain permission from the city for irrigation during this ban and may do so by contacting the Minnetrista Police Department at 952-446-1131.

Those found in violation of the ban are advised that such a violation is a misdemeanor and they may be subject to a fine.

Updates on the emergency water ban can be found on the city of Minnetrista’s website. The ban does not affect those who use private wells.

Those on city water might see some discoloration in their water at this time. According to a note accompanying the news release, also posted online, “When the water tower level gets low, the incoming water stirs up the sediment from the bottom of the tank. That sediment then goes out into the system and into [the] resident’s home. The discoloration is mainly iron (rust) that has settled out.”

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