The Minnetonka Beach City Council has set the preliminary tax levy for 2022.

The council approved the preliminary levy at its meeting Sept. 13 with a proposed increase of 9.2 percent for a total proposed tax levy of $1,159,694.67.

By state law, cities are required to adopt a preliminary property tax levy by Sept. 30. Once adopted, the preliminary levy may be reduced, but it cannot be increased, a point council member Steve Horwath stressed during the meeting.

“This budget sets the ceiling, not the floor,” Horwath said. “Every year we go through this we determine what the ceiling of the budget should be and then we refine it over time, and by the time we get to our December meeting, Truth in Taxation, and finalize the budget with refined numbers and are further along in our fiscal year and have a better idea where it is. We are not establishing the levy for our citizens this evening. We are establishing a ceiling. We want to provide government at the lowest cost and most affective capability.”

The Truth in Taxation meeting for Minnetonka Beach will take place on Monday, Dec. 6 at 7 p.m. with public comments welcome. The final Minnetonka Beach 2022 tax levy and budget will be approved by the council on the city council meeting on Monday, Dec. 13.

The general fund levy was projected to be $942,895.67 and the bond levy at $216,799 which brings the total proposed tax levy to $1,159,694.67.

According to city officials, the biggest expenditures in 2022 preliminary budget is for general government services, which is projected to take 27.3 percent of the budget. The next biggest expense is public safety at 14.2 percent, followed by debt service at 13.4 percent, water and sewer at 13 percent, capital project funds at 12.7 percent and streets at 10.3 percent.

“The citizens like us to run a tight ship,” Mayor Jaci Lindstrom said. “They do. They are very educated, they look at the numbers and it’s very important to them that we are prudent.”

In addition to approving the 2022 preliminary tax levy, the city council adopted the 2022 City Fee Schedule, establishing the fees that will be charged for licenses, permits and services next year.

The flat fee for residential water will increase from $5.40 to $5.94 per 1,000 gallons per quarter.

The city also negotiated a new contract with city garbage collection provider Republic Services. with fees dropping from $$70.20 to $63 while recycling will increase from $10.60 to $16.50, and pickup of composted organic material will be added at no cost. Quarterly leaf pickup fees will increase from $12.82 to $16.75.

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