The Minnetonka Beach City Council approved its 2022 final budget and tax levy at its most recent meeting.

The approved tax levy and budget dropped quite a bit from the preliminary budget and tax levy the council approved at its council meeting on Sept. 13

At that Sept. 13 meeting, the council approved a preliminary tax levy that saw a 9.2 percent increase for a total proposed tax levy of $1,159,694.67.

For the final tax levy that the council approved at its council meeting on Dec. 13, the tax levy dropped by just over $67,000 to $1,092,383.67 from what was approved in September.

That change brings the total increase to 2.8 percent over the 2021 tax levy.

“The budget as proposed is extraordinarily tight, extraordinarily tight,” council member Steve Howarth said.

The final Minnetonka Beach budget that was unanimously approved for the 2022 year is $1,261,174.67. Of the $1.09 million property tax levy certification, $216,799 is levied for General Obligation bond debt (principal and interest), and $875,584.67 is levied for general property tax.

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