Deciding between a career in finance or becoming a full-time musician was not an easy decision for 24-year-old Maple Plain native Trevor Knight.

“I knew I was leaving a sure thing. I was leaving stability but I knew I was going to be pursuing something that I love,” up-and-coming musician Knight said.

Growing up in Maple Plain, Knight graduated from Orono High School and then pursued a career in finance after graduating from Dartmouth College. Knight spent two years building his resume by working in stock and bonds in New York City; however, making music was also an important part of Knight’s life.

Leaving the finance world was a difficult decision, Knight added, but performing music was always apart of his life and his decision to pursue it professionally came with a surprising amount of support from his friends and family.

“A year before I made the transition, I brought it up to my parents and some of my friends and I was blown away - I only got support. It wasn’t a complete surprise. I’ve been a musician my whole life and even when I was working full-time in finance, I was still uploading videos,” he said.

Growing up, Knight took piano lessons and participated in multiple choirs as well as private vocal lessons. He also participated in a cappella group, where he arranged songs and showed off his love for vocal harmonies.

“I was exposed to a lot of Gospel music, barbershop quartet and Motown music. That got me really into vocal harmony. Pretty much every song you’ll see me produce...will have huge elements of complex vocal harmonies. I like music that features that,” he said.

When it comes to songwriting, Knight takes inspiration from artist including Zac Brown, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. He adds they each show commonalities when it comes to layering common chords to create a new sound while also packing a song with meaningful lyrics.

Knight recently released his first original single titled “Giving it up” on all major streaming platforms and you can hear all of his inspirations through the song. The single was also recorded in a professional studio, but Knight is no stranger to working out of his bedroom. Much of his online videos and cover songs were produced and recorded at his New York home.

A full-length album is in the works, but Knight wanted “Giving it up” to be his first fun and eye catching release to the world. The song received 1,000 streams within the first day and approximately 5,000 in the first two weeks.

“I’ve written probably 10 original songs so far and I’ve performed a lot of them at open mic nights...I think it’s a great summer song. I looked at my catalogue of songs and I thought when you’re starting out as an artist, the biggest thing you want is to get people excited about your music and excited to hear more,” he said.

Much of Knight’s other currently written songs follow a much more somber sounds but he says he is still working on what he wants the album to sound like but is aiming to play those songs at Madison Square Garden one day.

Until that day comes, Knight is playing at venues around New York and says he is working on finding venues to play in Minnesota this fall for all his friends and family. To listen to Knight’s single and follow his shows visit

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