The Long Lake City Council discussed and approved a new door access system for the Fire Department and a ribbon-cutting celebrating the Wayzata Blvd project during their Aug. 20 meeting.

Long Lake Fire Department Chief James Van Eyll requested approval to update the department’s current door access system. The station’s two door system has not allowed firefighters to enter door codes and has been slowly removing codes. Van Eyll added they would like to update to a global, Cloud based system, which would be controllable by any administrator with internet access.

The Long Lake council approved the upgrade; however the fire department serves Orono and Medina as well. According to Van Eyll, the department has reached out to each city and the topic is on an upcoming Orono City Council meeting agenda.

The downtown will be getting a new electronic changeable copy sign, according to the council. Long Lake council members approved to replace the current business sign to an updated electronic sign.

Councilmembers also approved to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completed Wayzata Blvd project. The ceremony will take place on Oct. 1 at 5:30 p.m. near the Pioneer Museum.

“It’d be great to celebrate what we’ve been through and the next chapter of the City of Long Lake as we move forward,” Mayor Charlie Miner said.

The Wayzata Blvd project is nearly complete after a few years of construction. Councilmembers discussed the finishing landscaping needs including weeding and potential replanting of trees.

Long Lake councilmember Jahn Dyvik expressed his concerns about the number of trees that were removed in the process saying he was “disappointed.” He also added that he would like to see consistent speed limits and signage throughout. Councilmembers and Mayor Miner shared his concerns.

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