The Long Lake City Council is continuing to work on the 2040 Comprehensive plan, and WSB provided a proposal for their services to assist the city with finishing the plan.

The comprehensive plan provides a local, long-range plan for the city. According to staff, the nuts and bolts of the plan matter because it will provide “consistency with adopted policy plans, conformance with metropolitan system plans, compatibility with plans of affected and adjacent jurisdictions and the ability to be awarded grants and other financial incentives.”

The WSB proposal is aimed at helping the city with the technical aspects to the plan, including housing, land use, transportation and wastewater. The plan goals include “utilize the existing work from 2030 and 2040 plans, create a streamlined, easy to read document, conforms with the requirements of the Metropolitan Council and effectively plans for the vision of Long Lake that the council and community has.”

“There was a committee that did the first [comprehensive] plan and I think that committee should still be involved because a lot of this is visioning for the community and I think it was the community that did the visioning. I think there should be reach out to have that committee still involved and give some input,” councilmember Deirdre Kvale said.

Councilmembers approved the WSB proposal and will continue to work on the 2040 Comprehensive plan.

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