The Long Lake Fire Department responded to a boat fire on Smith’s Bay on Lake Minnetonka on the evening of Sunday, Aug. 16.

It was reported three people jumped off a burning boat and swam to shore after trying to restart the engine. While firefighters worked to extinguish the flame, they also laid water lines on the nearby docks in case the boat drifted.

The department then took to social media to post photos and information regarding water safety. Long Lake Fire Department Chief James Van Elly said boaters should have a plan incase of a fire, have accessible life jackets and a good fire extinguisher.

“This is an important reminder that even though you are on the water, boat fires can spread very quickly. Just like home you should have a fire emergency plan and practice it. Always have appropriate fire extinguishers on board. Make sure they are easily accessible and train all boaters how to use them,” the department posted on their Facebook page along with multiple photos of the incident.

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