City will also examine pronouns in code

The Wyoming City Council voted Jan. 21 to replace two pumps in lift station 8 in the amount of $13,592.08  for both pumps. Public Works Superintendent Chuck Almhjeld said these repairs, which are part of  the city’s 2020 rehab project, are sorely needed (in fact, he added, the lift station actually failed recently, but public works staff will able to get it back online). Once the pumps are replaced, he said, “We won’t have to go back and look at it for 10 to 15 years.” 

Lift station 8 is also in need of another pump, which will cost $6,636. Almhjeld said that public works staff are replacing the pumps with new pumps versus their previous practice of rebuilding broken pumps. These rebuilt pumps have been inspected and are not failing, but the city would like to replace 24 additional pumps spread out and budgeted over the next five years. 


Councilwoman Claire Luger asked to pull an item from the consent agenda: a public hearing at the Feb. 11 Planning Commission meeting to review and revise city code related to personal pronouns. 

“I wanted to pull this one because I wanted to acknowledge the work city staff has put into it. ... Men are not the only capable leaders in government or anywhere else,” she said. “The use of gender pronouns in city codes is currently largely male-specific, which not only insults anyone who doesn’t identify as male but certainly is not representative of our reality. We have an obligation to be inclusive of everyone in our community.”

Luger brought up this initiative to staff.

In other business, architects will be present at the Feb. 12 City Council work session to discuss upcoming improvements to town hall.

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