Washington County residents will be allowed to use Ramsey County facilities to dispose of yard waste and organics and food waste after the County Board approved a reciprocal agreement with its neighboring county.

Washington and Ramsey counties both operate yard waste and organics/food waste collection programs. The agreement will allow residents to use the facilities of either county, providing additional convenience and service options.

The counties have a strong history of collaborative programming through the Recycling and Energy Center, joint activities in their Solid Waste Master Plans, and reciprocal use of household hazardous waste facilities. This agreement expands that collaboration to include yard waste and organics/food waste management.

The agreement includes the following Ramsey County sites:

· Arden Hills Site, 3530 Hudson Ave.

· Battle Creek Site in St. Paul, 389 South Winthrop St.

· Frank and Sims Site in St. Paul, 1150 Sims Ave.

· White Bear Township Site, 5900 Sherwood Road.

All sites, including Washington County’s site soon to open in Hugo, accept leaves, grass clippings, trees, branches, and brush, with the exception of the Battle Creek site, which doesn’t accept trees, branches, and brush. Once the Washington County site opens, Ramsey County residents will be able to use it under the agreement.

The agreement runs through Dec. 31, 2024. The cost to Ramsey County for accepting Washington County materials will be calculated annually. It is expected the use by Washington County residents of Ramsey County facilities will cost Washington County between $10,000 and $15,000 a year.

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