I will be voting Linda Nanko-Yeager for City Council this November. She brings knowledge, accountability, and transparency to our community.

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” –George Santayana, The Life of Reason.

Linda has served as a council member for the City of Wyoming for 12 years. This gives her a wealth of knowledge about how our city has operated in the past. She uses her knowledge and experience to question council items and prevent repeating mistakes.  

“Accountability breeds response-ability” -Stephen Covey.

Linda’s voting record has consistently held every department accountable for keeping the levy low and using taxpayer dollars wisely. From Public Safety, which accounts for 49.6% of the City’s 2021 budget, to future park developments, Linda questions spending and advocates for the thoughtful accountable use of taxpayer dollars.

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity” -Dalai Lama.

Linda can be seen every day out on her walks around Wyoming, always stopping to talk to residents, answer questions, and support her friends and neighbors. You can trust that any question asked will be answered thoroughly. Concerns will be valued and, if needed, brought up at the next council meeting.

As a former member of the Park Advisory Commission I have had interactions with many of our candidates. I strongly believe that Linda is the best person for the job. I trust she will continue to use her knowledge to help insure transparency, accountability, and responsible spending.

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