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Three members of the Forest Lake girls lacrosse team signed national letters of intent in a ceremony at the high school on Wednesday, Nov. 10. From left, Hannah Melander signed with Northern Michigan, while sisters Erin and Megan Brown signed with Upper Iowa.

Melander, Brown sisters sign National Letters of Intent to play college lacrosse

Wednesday, Nov. 10, was a big day for the Forest Lake girls lacrosse team – and for three seniors on that squad.

That was the morning Hannah Melander and twin sisters Erin and Megan Brown all signed national letters of intent to play lacrosse in college. The trio signed in a ceremony in the school gym.

Melander signed with Northern Michigan because the school offered everything she was looking for in a college.

“It was a good fit for me because they have a forensic biochemistry major and great lacrosse coach and program,” she said.

Both Erin and Megan Brown signed with Upper Iowa, but the pair took different routes to reach the same decision.

Megan said she was committed to join the Peacocks program before her sister.

“When we visited, I liked that it was a small school that had lacrosse and my major,” Megan said. “When the coach wanted me, everything matched up.”

“At first [Erin and I] did our own thing and looked at different schools. She was interested in different schools, and I was interested in Upper Iowa. We didn’t plan on it, but we ended up in the same place.”

Megan said she did not really recruit her sister to join her at Upper Iowa.

“I wanted a roommate – but other than that, I didn’t really do much recruiting,” Megan said with a laugh.

Erin said that playing lacrosse in college with her sister was a plus in favor of Upper Iowa.

“I really liked the coach there, and the campus was beautiful,” Erin said. “And there was an opportunity to grow a program into something bigger and better – and I get to do that alongside Megan, which made me want to do that.

“Megan and I have always been attached. I don’t know how we could go to different schools and be separated.”

Erin said she was interested in criminal justice or pre-law, while Megan plans to major in nursing to eventually become a pediatric nurse.

All three athletes admitted there were some nerves surrounding the ceremony.

“I was a little nervous, but I was more excited,” Erin said. “I’m excited about the future and what it will bring. But right now I’m still soaking in my senior year and everything it has to bring.”

Megan agreed, adding: “It was very exciting, but it also was a relief. The college [recruiting] process is stressful, because you’re trying to make the right decision. So after I signed it was a relief, but it also was exciting.”

Melander said the ceremony was more exciting because it involved both her and her teammates.

“I was excited and a little nervous to sign,” she said. “But it was a great feeling to have all my friends, family, teammates and coaches there to support me. I wouldn’t have been here without them.”

Megan added that signing day was a banner day for the Forest Lake girls lacrosse program.

“Forest Lake lacrosse didn’t used to be very good, so it was fun to turn it around,” she said. “It’s fun that more girls are committing to girls lacrosse – and that made signing day more exciting.”

Both Erin and Megan thanked their parents, Larry and Christie Brown, for their encouragement through the years.

“Our parents have always been the No. 1 supporter for both Megan and I,” Erin said. “They’re always in the stands, whether it’s to celebrate the good times or support us in the bad times. And I want to thank my coaches, Jenna [Brown] and Sami [Blom], for always being there.”

Megan added: “Our parents put a lot of money and time and effort into Erin and I playing sports. They did a lot for us to get us to this place. And all of my coaches, in youth and summer and in high school, helped me become who I am. And I thank my teammates for being there. We all did it together, and we were excited for one another.”

Melander also thanked her parents, Don and Brenda Melander, for everything they did for her.

“My parents have really supported me, and I also thank my teammates and coaches through the years,” she said. “I could not have done this without them.”

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