The Forest Lake Police Department found a school shooting threat not credible after investigating a report from a parent of a Forest Lake Elementary student, which stemmed from an incident which occurred on Tuesday, Dec. 7. 

A parent called the police department after her son reported to her that on the bus ride home, another student said they would go to the school and kill people. That student showed a video to others of guns being shot.

“It is important that the public understands that we take these threats seriously and investigate them thoroughly,” Forest Lake Police Captain Greg Weiss said. 

Following the FLPD investigation, Forest Lake Elementary and Forest View Elementary held class as scheduled.

“We will continue to work with FLPD to address this issue with the individual involved with the threat,” the school district announcement said. 

Weiss said the amount of threats the police and school receives “varies year to year” with no official number. 

But he added it “seems that when an event happens elsewhere our numbers go up,” referencing the school shooting at Oxford High School in Ohio on Tuesday, Nov. 30. 

Superintendent Steve Massey said threats are reported "very infrequently," but when they do occur, he says communication to families is the district's highest priority. 

"There aren't threats that are made that our families don't become aware of through our communications," Massey said.

The parent who reported the threat to FLPD posted in social media groups about the situation which received comments regarding the police and school administration’s response.  

“I understand that social media picked this up and questions were raised on whether or not we did anything,” Weiss said. He said they took the threat seriously to assess if it was credible or not which helped the school district decide to return to classes as scheduled.  

“We have an outstanding relationship with the Forest Lake Public Schools and work together to help ensure the safety of our children,” Weiss said.  

“We are grateful to those who brought these concerns to the attention of law enforcement, and for the partnership with FLPD as we continually work to keep our students safely and productively learning,” the school district said in a statement.

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