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Thank you, LILA!

This week my daughter graduates from LILA’s high school. She is part of the first class to graduate having attended from kindergarten through 12th grade. She is fluent in Spanish, studied in Spain as an exchange student, and has learned from teachers and students from around the world.

When we chose LILA, I wasn’t aware of what an “International Baccalaureate (IB)” education was. I hoped learning a second language would help with future academic and employment opportunities. But it turns out, the benefits of a bilingual education was only the start; combining it with an IB education seemed to create intellectual and interpersonal magic.

IB focuses on areas like building critical thinking skills, fostering intellectual creativity and curiosity, and being an open-minded and caring individual. School isn’t focused on memorizing facts and figures they’ll soon forget, it’s about layering on the ability to solve complex problems. Kids need these skills!

When our kids are small, parents have all these secret hopes and dreams for them. We hope they’ll be smart and kind, and maybe a little better than average at sports and activities.

As I get ready to watch my daughter graduate, I am so pleased to know that she’s received more than just an education during her school years. She found herself. A confident, capable and caring individual who is ready for whatever comes next. I am so grateful to all the LILA teachers, staff, and advisors who have helped foster an amazing Class of 2021! THANK YOU, LILA!

Jennifer May, Forest Lake

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