LC4YF receives city funding

The Wyoming City Council will be preparing plans and specifications to bring water and sewer utilities to new developments in the city west of I-35 and south of Viking Boulevard. 

“There is a water main present, but it’s not in effect to service the development in the full need,” said city engineer Mark Erichson. The expansion of the service would focus on the Sunrise Riverbank, but would be available for other expansions, as well.

“The development team is a bit ahead of us. …We want to make sure we’re not holding up their project,” Erichson added. 

He also said that the benefits would not just be for those in the development, but would also improve the city’s whole system, “particularly on the west side of the freeway. It’s beneficial for the overall area.” 

He said it would help evaluate the integrity of the system as a whole and add redundancies in the system. 

The council approved the preparation of those plans and specifications at the April 12 meeting.

The city also approved $66,928.50 for a new control panel and pumps for lift station No. 5, and $18,128 for new pumps for lift station No. 10 due to aging.

Wyoming Police Chief Neil Bauer said the Wyoming Police Department will be monitoring and working with residents to bring properties up to city ordinances regarding nuisances, such as junk vehicles, and debris. The city intends to work with the county attorney’s office on residential owners if problems are not addressed.

The council also approved a new agreement with Lakes Center for Youth and Families. The area nonprofit, which aims to curb youth delinquency and behavior problems through therapy and program interventions, requested a continuance of support from the city. The proposal before the council that day was just a statement of support, but didn’t specify what that support would be, which is something council member Linda Nanko-Yeager took issue with. 

“Since I’m uncomfortable with such open-ended agreements, how do we get around it?” Nanko-Yeager asked. 

City attorney Tom Loonan said that approving the resolution would not require any dollar amount from the city, but was more or less a statement that the city would support the nonprofit. A dollar amount for support could be assigned later. Nanko-Yeager expressed disapproval of that move, as she had concerns there’d be no council discussion on how much to approve and it would be shuffled into the bills. 

Tensions rose as City Administrator Robb Linwood assured her the council does have the approval over any bills on the claims register at every council meeting, and any payments to LC4YF would fall under that category. 

“I’m just looking to have my concerns addressed, not to fight with you,” Nanko-Yeager said. 

“I’m not fighting. You’re simply saying you want a discussion [about the council’s approval of funds given to LC4YF]. I’m simply saying that you have the ability to approve the amount by in the claims register,” Linwood said. 

Council member Dennis Schilling proposed approving the resolution of support for LC4YF along with a confirmation of a $2,500 city-given donation to LC4YF, which has been the same amount the city has given in the last two years. The council unanimously approved 4-0 that amount; Mayor Lisa Iverson was absent.

Hannah Davis is the Area Editor at the Forest Lake Times. You can contact her at or (763)233-0709

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