Two Forest Lake court cases from a few years ago recently reached their end in Washington County, and one man whose case recently began now faces new charges.

Property damage

A man with an unknown place of residence was sentenced this summer to two years of probation and must pay a restitution of $500 after he trashed his old home in Forest Lake in 2017. The man, Charles Overton Rogers III, 51, was convicted for first-degree damage to property, and court records state that a cost estimate to fix the building came in at $11,690, but he was convicted of a gross misdemeanor instead of the original offense level, a felony.

According to court records, Rogers was evicted from his home in the 23800 block of Forest Boulevard North for nonpayment of rent in November 2017. On the evening of Nov. 21, a neighbor saw Rogers go into the home and stay there for about an hour while banging sounds came from within. The following day, the landlord arrived at the unit and found it in disarray.

The walls had holes in them, cabinets had been broken or ripped off, the stove glass was shattered, ceiling fan blades were bent and paint had been dumped on various surfaces around the apartment. The bathroom was one of the most damaged areas; inside, a heat register was ripped off, the sink had a hole in it, and cat litter had been poured into the running toilet, causing it to overflow.

At the time of the crime, Rogers’ whereabouts were unknown, so a warrant was requested for his arrest.


A 23-year-old Minneapolis man was sentenced in September to four years of probation and must pay restitution of $1,284.61 after being convicted for a burglary committed in 2016.

Dylan Patrick Haddeland was convicted for a third-degree burglary charge in connection to the crime. According to court records, he committed the deed on April 5 or 6, 2016, in the 1000 block of Fifth Avenue Southwest in Forest Lake. On April 6, police responded to a home after a report that someone had stolen several items out of the garage at the residence, including two mountain bikes, an iPhone, a backpack and some credit cards (some of these items were in a vehicle parked in the garage). Police recovered one of the bikes the same day from a different address in the 500 block of Ninth Street, where a man reported that someone had entered his vehicle and stolen the change tray. Police did not know who committed these crimes, but the resident of the Fifth Avenue home spoken a blood smear on the door of his vehicle, so police took a sample, which did not match anyone in the offender database.

More than two years later, however, in August 2018, police were notified that a match had been found with Haddeland. When questioned by police, he reportedly told them that was using methamphetamine in April 2016 and would often commit crimes around the area. If his blood was on the vehicle, he said, he likely committed the burglary.

No contact

A man who is currently facing stalking charges after allegedly sending death threats to a Forest Lake woman has now been accused of violating his no-contact order with that woman once again – this time, while he was in jail for the original case.

According to court records, the Washington County Court issued a domestic abuse no-contact order in September prohibiting Aukeem Ketorey Robinson, 30, of Minneapolis, from having any contact, including by telephone, with a Forest Lake woman whom he’d previously been accused of stalking and threatening (read more about the previous case in the Oct. 17 story “Man charged for stalking Forest Lake woman” or online at On Oct. 28, the woman told police that she had received multiple calls from the Washington County Jail, where Robinson was being held at the time.

After reviewing security footage, law enforcement allegedly observed Robinson with another man while the other man made a phone call to the woman’s phone. The man then handed the phone to Robinson. A few minutes later, the other man dialed the number again after Robinson allegedly gave him the number; both times, the woman did not answer.

The stalking case is not the only recent appearance Robinson has made in court; he was also convicted in October for malicious punishment of a child.

The following are other recent local cases from the Washington County Court:

• Nicholas Michael Braaten, 36, of Bloomington, made a first appearance Sept. 25 for violating a no-contact order related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

• Mikayla Pearl Laduke, 22, of Chisago City, was sentenced Oct. 17 for a fifth-degree drug crime.

• Gordon Lee Davis, 40, of Grasston, was sentenced Nov. 6 for a fifth-degree drug crime related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

• Afton Marie Schaefer, 21, of Deer River, made a first appearance Nov. 15 for a fifth-degree drug charge and giving a peace officer false information related to an investigation of the Forest Lake Police Department.

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