The Forest Lake man who was arrested last week after a search by multiple law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams now faces three criminal charges related to his alleged crimes.

According to court records, Anthony James Remmen, 32, of Forest Lake, has been charged with second-degree assault, threats of violence with a reckless disregard of risk, and reckless discharge of a firearm within a municipality.

On Oct. 14, around 8:45 p.m., Forest Lake police officers were called to a home in the 900 block of Seventh Street Southeast after hearing that shots had been fired in the area. After gathering near the residence, police discovered that the suspect who allegedly fired the shots, later identified as Remmen, was no longer in the home. Officers began searching for him for an hour but did not find him; eventually, the Washington County SWAT team was called to the scene (along with other law enforcement), and it was the SWAT team that eventually took him into custody. Forest Lake police told The Times that Remmen allegedly returned to his home eventually, where the team arrested him peacefully.

Police interviewed Remmen and a man who was in Remmen’s home when he allegedly fired the shots and learned the alleged background of what had taken place. About an hour prior to the initial reports of shots fired, Remmen reportedly called a longtime friend of his, and the phone call concerned the friend about Remmen’s mental state. The friend drove to Remmen’s house, and when the man arrived, Remmen allegedly was holding a handgun in a low ready position and grabbed the man’s arm. The man told police he agreed to go into Remmen’s home after Remmen promised he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Once inside, Remmen allegedly told his friend he wanted to give him his guns. The friend began gathering the guns, but as he did, he heard two shots fired elsewhere in the home. Fearing for his safety, he left the home and contacted one of Remmen’s family members.

Once Remmen was apprehended, he was interviewed by police and said allegedly he had been drinking and wanted to commit “suicide by cop” without hurting anyone but himself. He had originally planned to hide in some nearby woods with several guns in order to force a confrontation in which he’d be killed, but he eventually decided not to follow through on this plan and left the guns behind.

Remmen showed police where he’d left the guns, and officers allegedly found two handguns, two rifles, and a loaded magazine. Another loaded magazine was found near Remmen’s home, and four more guns and several rounds of ammunition were found in his home.

While Remmen was missing, law enforcement worked to search for him and secure the neighborhood for several hours, including using helicopters and K-9 officers in the area.

The following are other recent local cases from Washington County courts:

• Joseph Michael Jeanetta, 32, of North St. Paul, was sentenced Sept. 4 for financial transaction card fraud related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

• Neal O’Brien Gaalaas, 29, of an unknown address, was sentenced Sept. 16 for knowingly violating registration requirements as a predatory offender related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

• Colin Patrick Moriarty, 24, of Wyoming, made an initial appearance Sept. 17 for a fifth-degree drug charge.

• Maelynn Jean Linskie, 25, of Duluth, was sentenced Sept. 23 for theft related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

• Kyle Walter Nelson, 34, of Bemidji, was sentenced Sept. 26 for motor vehicle theft related to an investigation by the Forest Lake Police Department.

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