At the Sept. 11 Columbus City Council meeting, the council and Planning Commissioner Barb Bobick discussed the design standards for a proposed new apartment complex in Columbus. The developer, Kami Inc., has proposed the building near the incoming HyVee grocery store in the city, which will be built at the northeast corner of the intersection of Interstate Highway 35 and State Highway 97.

Currently, the building is expected to be four stories high and have approximately 120 units. The units will be a combination of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. There will parking spaces and garages available for its residents.

Representation for Kami said the developer does not know when it will be able to put the plan into action. While the city is reviewing Kami’s application, the Metropolitan Council is reviewing the city’s 2040 comprehensive plan. In addition, the Hornsby Street realignment project needs to be completed before the project can begin.

“The comprehensive plan approval is important, because once it is approved, the city can publish new zoning ordinances, which include design standards for the northeast quadrant,” Columbus Public Communications Coordinator Jessica Hughes said.

The Planning Commission is determining what future design standards for the building will be, including specifications on balconies, exterior materials, colors, and siding placement. Bobick said the Planning Commission wants the outside of the building to be cohesive and compatible to the developing area.

In other business, Councilman Jeff Duraine said Lakes Area Television is looking for film makers to tape the City Council meetings and local sporting events. Training will be provided.

The rest of the meeting was closed to the public so the council could consider offers or counteroffers for the sale of the city-owned Quad 35 property.

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