Kris Millerbernd, the chair of the Linwood Family Fun Day Committee, attended the Aug. 27 meeting of the Linwood Town Board.

Every year at Linwood Family Fun Day, Millerbernd explained, a Hall of Fame citizen is selected. Last year, Carroll “Bucky” Broadbent Jr. was selected, but due to scheduling issues at the time, he was not recognized until the Aug. 27 meeting.

“I would like to apologize for waiting 349 days for someone who does more for the community then anyone should,” Supervisor Bob Millerbernd said.

Bob recalled meeting “Bucky” when he first moved to Linwood, calling him “the friendliest guy in the neighborhood.”

Community members nominate prospective hall of famers. The requirement is that they contribute to area schools, the township, churches and other organizations.

Broadbent was one of the original members of the Linwood Fire Department. He attended the meeting and was asked when he started volunteering with the Fire Department.

“1952,” he said. “The first year [1951] I wasn’t 18, so I can’t count that.”

“Thank you for all of your service, and we apologize for the delay getting your award,” Kris said. “We can’t thank you enough.”

Kris then went on to give an update on Linwood Family Fun Day, which is being held this year on Sept. 7.

“All the planning is underway,” she said. “We will be ready.”

Kris said she wanted to talk to the board about the future of the celebration, as 2019 is the last year she’ll be coordinating the event.

“We talked about taking next year off and not doing Family Fun Day because the following year would be the big 100 year celebration, and we are thinking we could add the budget to the following year so we wouldn’t have to ask for any more money,” she explained. “The fire department would likely still have their dance and we would support them, but not do the Family Fun Day. I think it would be better not to spend any of that money and save it up for the big celebration, because it should be really huge. We should have a big parade and a lot of vendors.”

Supervisor Carol Searing asked how many volunteers organizers have helping plan the event. Kris said there are four or five.

“This year is going to fantastic, let me tell you,” Kris said. “There is going to be a medallion hunt through all the parks. … There will be a [classic car] cruise-in. We will start out front here and go through this whole route. They will come in around 10, right when everything is kicking off.”

There will be vendors, inflatables, pony rides, petting zoo all for a $5 wristband. Kris said that last year, the organizers had a lot of complaints about the wristbands being $10, so this year the price was dropped.

“In my opinion it has never been for profit; this is for the families in the community to come celebrate. … It is fun, a labor of love,” Kris summed up.

There is a volunteer sign-up sheet and a schedule of events available at The Town Board will consider the suggestion of skipping Family Fun Day for one year.

Supervisor Ed Kramer also brought an update on the prospective new Linwood Town Hall sign. It would be 4 by 8 feet and electrical, and staff could change what it says in the office. Kramer said that an average of more than 2,000 cars go by on that road each day. If the board is interested in pursuing the purchase of a new sign, the county could have drawings done up.

“I think it is a great idea,” Bob Millerbernd said.

There were a couple cost options in the $30,000-$40,000 range. The board did not discuss the sign further or vote on it.

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