For the second year in a row, Anoka County’s levy is expected to stay the same.

The County Board approved a $141.9 million preliminary property tax levy Sept. 28. The board also approved a $1.75 million public safety property tax levy — also the same as last year.

“It’s not every year, necessarily, we get to present a flat levy,” Commissioner Matt Look said. “Sometimes there are state shifts or spending that needs to occur that might not allow us to do that.”

Commissioner Scott Schulte said even though the levy has remained the same for two consecutive years, it can’t stay that way forever because the cost of utilities and labor continues to rise and demand for services has gone up.

“This may be a year we can do a 0.0 [% increase], but we can’t count on it every year,” Schulte said.

Commissioner Jeff Reinert said that while the levy hasn’t increased, that doesn’t mean the services aren’t properly funded.

“A lot of times, more need doesn’t necessarily mean more money, because if you do it differently you can provide those additional services without more money,” Reinert said.

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