Rancho Loco to open in former Pi Pizzeria location late this year

The Ruelas brothers have been in the restaurant business for nearly 15 years. With experience under their belt, they began working toward opening their own restaurant. For the past four years, they have been the owners of Rancho Loco in Cannon Falls. But now they are looking for something closer to home. 

“We wanted to open our own place, and it’s [the Cannon Falls location] been open for almost four years and it’s been doing good,” Ramon said. “We do have plenty of people that are helping us a lot down there and we wanted to have something closer to our houses, and that was when we started to look for something closer to our places.” 

Ramon and Salvador Ruelas are set to open the doors of their second Rancho Loco location in downtown Forest Lake as early as December — they would like to have it open sooner, but they are awaiting the approval of their liquor license from the state. 

Salvador has been a resident of Forest Lake for the past three years, while Ramon does not live in Forest Lake. However, his daughter is currently in the third grade at Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake. 

Now with plenty of experience in the restaurant business as both workers and owners of their own restaurant that has been doing well, they are excited to be bringing their passion to Forest Lake. 

Rancho Loco Mexican Grill & Bar is described as a family-friendly environment that serves staple Mexican dishes daily. For the Ruelas brothers, they say their menu is what sets them apart from other Mexican restaurants. 

“A lot of the dishes are made by Mexican restaurants, but we also have a seafood menu that separates us from other restaurants,” Ramon said. 

Ramon recommends that residents try their Ceviche, a seafood dish that combines fresh fish, citrus juices and spices. Salvador recommends the Arroz Texano, a rice dish that is commonly served with chicken. 

The new restaurant will be located at 25 Lake St. N. #105 in downtown Forest Lake.

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