Wyoming Mayor

Name:  Lisa Iverson

Age:  54

Occupation:  Hospice Care Consultant

Previous political/community experience:  2 Terms Mayor of the City of Wyoming, Vice Chair Minnesota Mayor’s Association, 1 Term City of Wyoming Council, President Wyoming Area Business Association 

What is the biggest issue facing Wyoming in the next few years and how would you deal with it?

We have been working on fixing and rebuilding major roads, such as Goodview and Pioneer Trail.  We are just about to complete the Kettle River neighborhood, which needed to be completely rebuilt.  However, we have many neighborhoods where roads are over 30 years old, and deteriorating fast, needing mill and overlay so they can last another 15 or more years. We are currently discussing many ideas, trying to think outside the box, looking at federal grants, state aid and other possible funding options.   

I am also working on our utilities rates, which are near the top of the middle of comparable cities. I would like to find a way to lower the rates with existing infrastructure.  Effective water treatment is extremely important and complex.  I am looking forward to presenting some ideas to council soon. 

What do you think you would offer the city if you were to be elected?

I will continue to achieve fiscally responsible spending.  The Times reported in September, our city tax rate will decline 5 straight years since I have been Mayor.  I will continue talking to potential new businesses and inviting them to see what we have to offer.  The city of Wyoming has 30% of all manufacturing in Chisago county.   

I will continue to represent the City of Wyoming in a collaborative and respectful manner.  The council will continue being transparent by live streaming our meetings with viewing on our YouTube channel. I will continue with policies and procedures that will guide our council into a stable financial future. 

I will continue to be the positive voice of our city.  Representing Wyoming at the Minnesota Mayors Association, MS150, stomp out Suicide, Serve our Troops, and other events around the state of Minnesota.  And I will always support our outstanding Police and Fire Department. 

I ask for your vote to continue the #Wyoming Way. 


Name: Nick Kentros

Age: 34

Occupation: Sales

Previous Political/Community Experience:

I do not have any political experience. I believe this to be a great asset for myself entering the current political race. I have served on multiple HOA boards from when I owned a Townhome located in Maplewood, MN 2007-2015. In the Wyoming community, my family and I have resided permanently since 2015, and have been elected as a director of the HOA three times in a row.

What is the biggest issue facing Wyoming in the next few years and how would you deal with it?

Our property taxes as well as the water and sewer rates are the biggest issue facing our community. We need to increase our business tax base in our community by working with local businesses to create an environment of entrepreneurship. Many studies show that this leads to faster and more sustainable economic growth. Another key issue is the spending by our city. It updated their purchasing policy in 2020 and increased the spending limits for department heads for up to $10,000.00 if it was in the budget. I would reduce that back down to $5,000.00  For purchases from 10k to $25k, three bids would be requested instead of the current two. I will watch the municipal spending and make sure we are using all available contracts when spending taxpayers dollars. By increasing our business tax base and being more conservative with our spending, we can decrease the issues we face. 

What do you think you would offer to the city if you were to be elected?

Being new to the political world I believe that a new set of eyes and ears will help our community. I will be examining our budgets, spending and community needs very closely. I will suggest fresh ideas to possibly lower our cost of living. I have been in Sales for over 15 years with the same company, this has allowed me to effectively deal with tough negotiations in front of extremely large companies and also small municipal boards. I have seen so many vacant buildings in our town with empty industrial parks and only a few businesses coming into our community over the last few years. My history and connections in sales would strongly benefit our community to attract new business to our area. I highly enjoy serving our community and working with people and when elected I will be able to help make decisions to do that for Wyoming.

Wyoming Council

Name: Andrew Buccanero

Age: 26

Occupation: Trading & Investment Analyst

Previous political/community experience:

2019-present – Member & Assistant Treasurer, Wyoming Economic Development Authority 

2020 – Volunteer, Feed My Starving Children 

2014-2016 - Research Assistant, University of Minnesota Duluth/Center for Economic Development 

What is the biggest issue facing Wyoming in the next few years and how would you deal with it?

The biggest issue facing Wyoming is economic development. I will work to establish a designated downtown area to enable business growth and to grow our tax base, so we don’t need to raise taxes on our residents. Our community has a lot to offer with our pristine parks and trails and by acting as a gateway to beautiful lakes. By working to grow our businesses while fostering our beloved small-town feel, this would drive more visitors into Wyoming to support our local businesses and keep them thriving.

What do you think you would offer to the city if you were to be elected?

If elected, I will offer the city transparency, accountability and logical decision making. In my professional life I live and breathe risk management and fiscal responsibility, and I will transfer these skills to our local government. I’ve been serving on the Wyoming Economic Development Authority for nearly two years now and I can confidently say I collaborate well with our current city officials, and this service is just one demonstration of my passion for our community. 


Name: Linda Nanko Yeager

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired Chemist

Previous political/community experience:

 Besides serving three terms on City Council, I am active in our community as a founding member and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Giese Memorial Library. I am vice chair of the Rush Line Task Force, a regional transportation corridor that has brought bus service to Forest Lake and used by many Chisago County residents.  During my time as President of the Rotary Club of Forest Lake, our club received a District award. My years of volunteering as a Chemist-in-the-Library doing demonstrations with kids earned recognition by the American Chemical Society as a 2020 Outreach Volunteer of the Year. My other activities include at National Night Out, working the Friends of the Library book sale and helping out the Wyoming Lions by calling Bingo at Stagecoach Days, and cleaning up the flower gardens the Girl Scouts planted in Ashton Park.

What is the biggest issue facing Wyoming in the next few years and how would you deal with it?

 One issue facing Wyoming is how to expand the city’s tax base. Given the current economic difficulties and the increasing city levy, commercial and residential taxpayers are struggling to pay their taxes. Attracting a diverse mix of new businesses and expanding existing businesses would broaden the tax base and lessen the tax burden for everyone.

 To accomplish this goal, the city must operate as cost effectively as possible so that Wyoming is an affordable place to live and own a business in. One thing Council can do to achieve this goal is to exercise its duty to provide oversight on spending by questioning expenditures, so staff has what it actually needs, while wants can wait until the economy improves and the tax base expands. The Mayor and her majority, however, made this oversight more difficult by voting to double the amount staff can spend without Council authorization to $10,000.00.

What do you think you would offer to the city if you were to be elected?

 In addition to the experience and knowledge I’ve gained serving three terms on council and in various liaison positions, I will continue to be an independent and objective advocate for the City’s residents and businesses. I believe that Council members should scrutinize and analyze the information presented to them for clarity and accountability. I will also continue working towards reining in spending and ensuring that the City’s regulations and ordinances are adequate to keep everyone safe, but not so heavy handed and burdensome that residents and businesses are driven away. Finally, I will continue to speak on behalf of those who don’t feel they have a voice at City Hall.


Name: Brett Ohnstad

Age: 54

Occupation: Correctional Officer II for Ramsey County (26 Years)

Previous political/community experience: I am currently serving as a member of the Wyoming Park Advisory Commission and Tree Board.  I am a board member of One Voice United, a nationwide organization dedicated to recognizing the exceptional and the fallen Correctional Officers across the United States.  I have served as a Steward to my fellow officers for the last 20 years and was recently elected as a Trustee with the Teamsters overseeing a multi-million dollar budget.  I have acted as a lobbyist and advocate for fellow correctional officers across the state at our state capital.  I am also a delegate representing our county at the 8th Congressional District.

What is the biggest issue facing Wyoming in the next few years and how would you deal with it? 

Wyoming is a growing city and we need to make sure that we as a council steer the growth in the correct direction  We need to attract businesses that will increase jobs in the city, increase our tax base, and add value to the community.  We need to continue boosting our small town charm and appearance.  We need to continue developing our parks and recreation and we need to continue to fully support our nationally recognized police and fire departments  The goal of this is to help make Wyoming a destination rather than a waypoint.     

What do you think you would offer to the city if you were to be elected? 

City council is one great place where ideas to improve our town are planted, take root, and grow. This growth will not happen if everyone is not willing to participate in a positive way and bring new ideas to the table. I have consistently shown an ability to inspire new ideas, most recently as a member of the city’s Park Advisory Commission. From play equipment to match the theme of our new park and trail, working to bring in energy-saving lighting and economically-priced hockey rink boards for Swenson Park, or working with community leaders storyboarding our city’s history at each park, I have shown a talent for creative thinking and engaging actions.  As a city council member I will look for ways to inspire the development of our town and helping our city to function as efficiently as possible without diminishing any of the great services we expect.

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