Update: According to the Forest Lake Police Department, the way the app is formatted, anyone can log on with a tag to impersonate someone else. After the threatening messages were posted, police contacted the student whose name matched the tag and determined that they did not write the posts. After further investigation, police determined that the posts were not credible for a variety of reasons -- one being that the way they were posted seemed engineered to cause fear and increase caution the following day at the school, which is not the way someone intending to commit a large scale violent act would typically act.

There is an increased police presence today at the school, as there will be tomorrow and at homecoming-related events throughout the next few days. Police also noted that contrary to social media rumors, they are not looking for a particular person connected to this incident at this time.

Threatening messages posted on an app used by students for a homecoming-related activity raised alarm among students and parents on Wednesday, Sept. 25, but school officials and Forest Lake Police say they have good reason to believe a local student’s account was hacked. They do not at this time believe the threats to be credible.

The app Goose Chase was being utilized by the school district for a photo scavenger hunt in coordination with homecoming festivities this week. Screenshots of the posted threats on the app appeared to indicate a threat to the school, with one circulated picture reading, “I have nothing to live for. This is the best way for me to go down. Down with everyone else.”

The Forest Lake Police Department was brought in to investigate the matter. Superintendent Steve Massey said at this point police believe the student’s account was hacked and that the threats were not credible. However, he added that there will be an increased police presence at the high school tomorrow to ensure safety and that police and school officials will continue to monitor the situation throughout the week.

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