Hometown second-generation chiropractor brings business ‘home’

For Forest Lake chiropractor Dr. David Schmidt, playing sports was always a huge part of health and wellness. When he was a starting quarterback for the Forest Lake Rangers football team, David Schmidt’s dad would do something unique for the team: As a chiropractor, he would enter the locker room at halftime and adjust his son and some of his teammates. To David, it was “my dad, taking care of me.” 

As a baby, Schmidt was diagnosed with what doctors call wry neck syndrome, meaning his neck was stuck to one side. The doctor wanted to do surgery at birth, but his father started adjusting him, which spared him from needing surgery.

Now Schmidt has stepped into his father’s shoes by opening his own chiropractic business in his hometown. While he has always lived in Forest Lake, he has opened chiropractic businesses in other towns like Taylor’s Falls or Oakdale, but last year Schmidt and his wife decided it was time to bring his business “back home,” he said. In March 2020, he opened Day Spring Chiropractic in Forest Lake.

“During COVID-season, it is more important than ever to maintain the body’s health. We have an amazing body that defends things very well. Adjustments work by boosting, enhancing and stimulating immune system function,” he said. Schmidt also recommends eating right, including taking vitamins such as vitamin D, and making sure you’re getting an appropriate amount of sleep. 

Though opening the business just before the pandemic could have been difficult for the business, Day Spring Chiropractic has success. 

“We have been thriving during the season,” Schmidt said. “Through the struggles, this has been a great opening year.”

“Our purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible into wholeness in body, soul and spirit.” 

Schmidt added that he is also an ordained minister with a master’s in theology, along with doctorate in chiropractic.

Schmidt’s father is recently retired, though he still continues to practice by helping out and filling in around the office while covering for family vacations.

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