A change in the education system

Innovate Instruction, Ignite Learning! is a non-profit group of educators, students, parents, business owners and program coordinators dedicated to bringing legislation into reality.  We believe that students today need a different education than we and our parents had.  The advanced thinking skills of this legislation will prepare all students for the rapidly changing workplace. We are asking to triple the funding to $39 per pupil, while holding districts accountable to spend those dollars as intended.

We have been at this advocacy of gifted kids for many years. In the second year we amassed bi-partisan support with 46 signatures in the house and senate.  But the pandemic shut us down. We regrouped, formed a non-profit, created a website with all the information and a petition.  We believe this is the time to call for systemic change in the way we educate all students in Minnesota. HF 1994 has 13 signatures and SF 1700 has 15 signatures.  

With our legislation gifted funding will triple to $39 per pupil in the second year of implementation. We are proposing that in the first year of funding $26 per pupil would be allotted to districts to ramp up the programming, prepare their teachers for this systemic change, determine what they are already doing well and ramp up areas of challenge.  

This is a call for system change in education.  For more information, visit innovateinstructionignitelearning.com or twitter.com/IIILMinnesota. To sign the petition, visit chng.it/bxSHCJvYJJ.

Bill Keilty, Wyoming

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