​Levelset announced that lawyers from its attorney network have volunteered free consultations to contractors who are struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 virus on construction companies of all sizes.

Attorneys Chris Ng of California, Robert Lovein of Texas, Andrea Goldman of Massachusetts, Jason Lambert of Florida and others have volunteered their time and services by way of free consultations. Any contractor with specific questions about what to do can reach out to these construction lawyers directly to schedule a free consultation, or ask it anonymously in the Levelset Ask an Expert Center at levelset.com.

“During these uncertain times, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers will likely begin to see a delay in receiving payments on their projects.” said Robert Lovein, a Texas construction attorney. “To protect your unpaid invoices, now is the time to start sending your preliminary notices and filing liens. This is the most effective and cost efficient way to increase the probability of being paid.”

The coronavirus is having an enormous impact on the overall economy, people and families individually. Levelset’s mission is to empower contractors to get paid by finding ways to help the industry in this turbulent time. In addition to rallying lawyers from its attorney network to help, Levelset has published multiple articles to help contractors understand the biggest threats they face, and a downloadable coronavirus PDF checklist to help them navigate the impacts of the virus. Contractors can also register for a coronavirus webinar on Friday, March 20 featuring construction attorneys who will be discussing options for cases where construction contracts cannot be fulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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