A lockdown at Forest Lake Area High School went into effect this morning due to a potential threat. According to a school press release and Forest Lake Police Captain Greg Weiss, a student alerted authorities this morning that another student had made threats and suggested that the student could have a weapon. Forest Lake Area High School went on lockdown for roughly 15 minutes following the reporting of that threat. The police department responded to the threat at 10:45 a.m. and apprehended the student. A weapon was not found, and police believe there was never a weapon on school grounds.  The incident is still under investigation. No criminal charges are being filed, and school district officials are not releasing information about the student at this time.

Police say this was an isolated incident and was not connected with the threats made during this year's homecoming. 

Clarification: An earlier report said that a student alerted authorities that a weapon was on school grounds. The student alerted authorities that another student had made threats about another student, and that student may have had a gun on school grounds. 

The Times is working to gather more information about the incident. Check back here for further updates.

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