Editors note: All case numbers reflect laboratory-confirmed cases by the Minnesota Department of Health. 
Monday, April 13
Anoka County now has 68 COVID-19 cases confirmed, Washington County has 80, with three deaths, and Chisago County is at seven cases. 

Out of 1,650 total cases statewide, 842 have recovered, and there have been 70 deaths. 
361 total patients with COVID-19 have been hospitalized. 157 of those are still hospitalized, with 74 of those patients in ICU. 
Sunday, April 12
Saturday, April 11
Laboratory-confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus are now at 1,427. In Anoka County, there are 58 cases. In Washington County, there are 77 cases. Chisago County remains at six cases.
Statewide, there have been 340 total patients needing hospitalization, 138 of those in the intensive care unit. There are currently 69 cases today in ICU, and 76 hospitalized but not in ICU.  There are currently 793 recovered cases.
Friday, April 10
Laboratory-confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus are now at 1,336. In Anoka County, there are 55 confirmed cases. In Washington County, there are 73 cases. In Chisago County, there are six cases. 
Statewide, there have been a total of 317 cases needing hospitalization. 143 of those cases are still hospitalized, with 64 in ICU as of today. 
Thursday, April 9
Cases continue to climb in the three counties surrounding the Forest Lake area. Washington County is now up to 72 confirmed cases, with two deaths. Anoka County sits at 53 cases and no deaths. Chisago County sits at five cases and one death, previously reported as Scott Melter of Wyoming. 

Statewide, there have been 1,242 laboratory-confirmed cases out of 32,294 tests. There have been 293 total patients needing hospitalization. 145 are hospitalized as of today, and 63 are currently in ICU. 
Tuesday, April 7
The number of total laboratory-confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Washington County is currently at 68 ; in Anoka at 42;  and Chisago County at five.
Monday, April 6
Chisago County cases have climbed to five total cases, with one death; Scott Melter, age 60 of Wyoming, died on April 1. Anoka County gained four more cases, bringing the total to 40. Washington County has now 65 cases, and one death, also. 
Statewide, 28,128 total tests given have shown that there are 986 cases, with 470 of those cases having recovered. There are now 30 deaths statewide. There have been 223 total cases needing hospitalization. 115 of those are currently hospitalized, and 57 of those are currently in ICU.
Sunday, April 5
A 60-year-old man from Wyoming was the first known person in the area to die from COVID-19. Scott Melter, an Army veteran, died on April 1, according to his obituary.
Another area resident who recently died is being tested for COVID-19.

Cases continue to rise around the area. 
Washington County's laboratory-confirmed cases have rose to 62; Anoka County now has 36; Chisago County has four cases. 
Statewide, there have been 935 cases confirmed out of 26,777 tests given. There have been 29 deaths. 
106 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, with nearly half, at 48, of those patients in ICU. 
Thursday, April 2
Washington and Anoka Counties cases climbed to 46 (from 44) and 30 (from 26) respectively. Chisago County remains at three cases.
Statewide, there have been 742 confirmed cases out of 22,394 tests given. There have now been 18 deaths.
There have been 138 total cases requiring hospitalization, 75 cases of those hospitalized today. 38 of those hospitalized are in the ICU.
Wednesday, April 1
Cases continue to climb for Washington and Anoka counties, which increased to 44 and 26, respectively. Chisago is still holding at three cases. 
Statewide, there are now 60 more cases confirmed, with a total confirmed case count of 689. 342 of those cases no longer need to be isolated. There are now 120 cases total cases who've needed hospitalization. Out of those 120, 54 are currently hospitalized, with 27 of those 54 cases currently in the ICU. 
The age range for the cases
Tuesday, March 31
Anoka county cases increased to 23; Washington county cases increased to 39, and Chisago County remained at 3. 
Across Minnesota, 629 people have tested positive out of 19,780 tests complete. 288 of those confirmed to have a case are no longer needing to be in isolation. There have now been twelve deaths, an increase of two from yesterday. There have been 112 total cases requiring hospitalization, and 56 cases that are hospitalized today, with 26 of those in ICU.
Monday, March 30
The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed one more death in the state, bringing the total to 10. Washington County saw a jump of another seven laboratory-confirmed cases, bringing the county's total to 34. 
Chisago County jumped to three cases, and Anoka County has 22 current cases.
The MDH says that Minnesota has 576 current laboratory-confirmed cases, and continues to stress that they know that there are more cases out there that cannot get a laboratory confirmation due to limited testing. 56 of those cases are still hospitalized, and 24 of those cases are in ICU. There is now no more backlog in lab testing for the state of Minnesota. The age range for those confirmed cases is from 4 months old to 104 years.
Sunday, March 29
The Minnesota Department of Health confirmed four more deaths since yesterday state-wide. More information is to come during today's scheduled 2 p.m. media briefing. 

Washington County continues to see a rise, with 27 cases listed today. Anoka County saw an increase to 17 cases. Chisago County, as reported yesterday, is down to just one case. 
MDH officials continue to stress that these numbers reflect laboratory-confirmed cases, and "we know" that there are other cases that cannot be confirmed due to testing limitations.
Saturday, March 28
The Minnesota Department of Health confirmed another death: a patient in their 70s from Hennepin County. 
While Washington County and Anoka County numbers continue to rise, Chisago County saw a drop from its two cases to now just one, indicating that a person has recovered.
Washington County currently has 25 cases.
Friday, March 27
The Minnesota Department of Health have confirmed two more deaths in Minnesota due to the COVID-19 virus, bringing the total to four. 
Washington County has seen its biggest jump of laboratory-confirmed cases yet, up to 22 from yesterday's 15. Anoka County rose from eight to 10. Chisago County still remains at two cases.

Statewide, there have been 398 confirmed cases out of 14,003 tests. There have been 51 cases hospitalized, and 34 of those cases are still hospitalized.  

Thursday, March 26
The Minnesota Department of Health confirmed the second death of a Minnesota resident.
The number of COVID-19 laboratory-confirmed cases in Washington County rose to 15, while Anoka County gained one case, bringing the case total to eight. Chisago County still has two confirmed cases. Statewide, there have been 346 confirmed cases out of 12,950 tests. There have been 41 cases hospitalized, and 31 of those cases are still hospitalized. 
Wednesday, March 25
The number of COVID-19 laboratory-confirmed cases in Washington County rose to 13. On Tuesday, the numbers for Anoka, Chisago and Washington County remained the same, at seven, two, and 10, respectively. The number of laboratory-confirmed cases in Minnesota has risen to 287, with roughly 11,000 tests completed. Minnesota Department of Health officials continued to state that they know there are more cases out there they do not know of yet, or haven't had laboratory confirmations, yet. 
In Minnesota, there are currently 26 patients who are hospitalized, with a total of 35 hospitalizations since the first case was reported. 
Monday, March 23
Washington County surpassed Anoka County over the weekend in number of cases, rising to 10 cases over Anoka County's seven. 
A second case in Chisago County was also confirmed, and according to the Chisago County Health Department, is to be considered "community spread."
There are currently 235 confirmed cases in Minnesota. Over the weekend, a person in their 80s from Ramsey County became the first person in Minnesota to die from the COVID-19 virus.
Friday, March 20
The Minnesota Department of Health updated its case information to include one case in Chisago County. Yesterday, Anoka County's numbers were raised to five. 
The MDH does not indicate cities due to patient confidentiality. The total number of cases in Minnesota has risen to 115, an increase of 26 from the day prior, the largest one-day increase since the first case was announced in the state. As of yesterday, 3,856 people have been tested in the state.
The first patient from Anoka County remains in critical condition.
Wednesday, March 18
The Minnesota Department of Health has updated the COVID-19 case count in Anoka and Washington County to 3 cases each, up from 1 each yesterday.
The case in Anoka County previously reported as critical condition is still listed as critical.
The MDH does not indicate which cities these cases originated due to patient confidentiality.
So far no cases have been reported in Chisago County.

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