Earlier today, the Wyoming Department of Public Safety evacuated a neighborhood after a report that an active shooter in the area had shot and killed a man, but after investigating the area, police determined that no such murder occurred.

According to Chief of Public Safety Paul Hoppe, the department got what he described as a “frantic” 911 call around 10:40 a.m. from a woman who claimed that a man had shot and killed her father inside her home in the 26700 block of Goldman Boulevard. Police and the Chisago County SWAT team responded, evacuating the neighborhood and attempting to gain safe entry to the home (the woman was also on scene and claimed an elderly woman was still in the home with the shooter). After law enforcement entered the home, however, they discovered that the shooting described by the caller did not occur.

“We’ve changed the scope of the investigation from an active shooting homicide to falsifying of police reports,” Hoppe said.

Police cleared the area around 12:30 p.m. Law enforcement placed a mental health hold on the woman in order to get a psychological evaluation. Hoppe said it was unfortunate that the department had to inconvenience so many people and expend a lot of resources on what turned out to be a false call, but he noted that ultimately, the most positive outcome of a call like that occurred: In reality, there was no murder.

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