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A former coach at North Lakes Academy has pleaded guilty to two separate felony counts of criminal sexual conduct which occurred between September and December of 2017, and another in August of 2018. On Friday, Sept. 10, Mark Kosloski, 47, of Wyoming, pleaded guilty to one count on each file, and will be required to undergo a physchosexual evaluation and cooperate with a pre-sentence investigation. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 24. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

Cam Stottler, executive director at North Lakes Academy, said in an email response Sept. 15 that the school conducted its own investigation immediately once it learned of the allegations. “Though the allegations and incidents that occurred were found to have happened off-campus and away from the school, we are still aware that current or former NLA students and families have been affected and have measures in place to counsel, inform, or provide support as needed."

Stottler said the district has cooperated with law enforcement and will continue to do so if necessary.

Kosloski was the assistant volleyball coach for NLA from 2017 to 2018, and was also the boys basketball coach from 2015 to early this year, when he resigned. He was not otherwise employed with NLA.

According to the first criminal complaint, on Feb. 2, the Wyoming Police Department was notified by the Forest Lake Police Department of a possible criminal sexual conduct case. On Feb. 2, an officer in Forest Lake received an email of a text message thread between a former North Lakes Academy student and then-NLA volleyball coach Kosloski which indicated possible criminal activity.

Former Wyoming Police Officer Scott Thomas, then the investigator for the department, contacted the defendant, who is now in college, and she told him that when she was a volleyball player at NLA, then 17 years old, the defendant was her coach. She said Kosloski initially offered his home gym as a workout space. One month later, in October, they engaged in sexual intercourse, and later would engage in additional sexual interaction. This continued until December of 2017 when she stated she “could not do this anymore.” She met the defendant at his home and ended things. According to the complaint, he told her he could get in a lot of trouble and asked her not to say anything.

In the text thread sent this year, which occurred on Jan. 30 and 31, the former player said: “What you did took a toll. I know at the time it was ‘consensual’ but I wasn’t an adult and that was wrong. I really feel like you took advantage of me when I was in a vulnerable state and I’ve had a long time to reflect and I really just needed to tell you that. Like it’s not right.”

Kosloski didn’t deny anything in his response, but stated he “is 100% devoted to my family.”

He was charged on March 1.

After a newspaper article of his charge, a second victim, another student, came forth. She read the story, and initially thought it was about her due to how similar the experience was, aside from the fact she was not on the volleyball team. According to the criminal complaint, in late 2018, Kosloski raped a then 18-year-old former NLA student at his home in Wyoming.

The student had gotten to know Kosloski in the winter of 2017 during her junior year at NLA. By the spring 2018, she had begun to use Kosloski’s home gym, and spent time throughout the summer at his house as a place to stay. In late fall 2018, Kosloski pinned himself above her on a bed and penetrated her despite her repeated attempts at telling him no and trying to get away. She was eventually able to push him off her.

Hannah Davis is the Area Editor at the Forest Lake Times. You can contact her at or (763)233-0709

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