A former Forest Lake student, now a student at University of Wisconsin-Stout, recently created a logo design which is helping brand the Health Dunn Right coalition. Junior graphic design and interactive media major Megan Hultgren created the logo for the coalition, which includes the university, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Dunn County Health Department and the Community Foundation of Dunn County. 

Health Dunn Right is also supported by the Initiative for the Creation of the UW-Stout Center for the Study and Promotion of Health and Wellbeing. Cristy Linse, director of the initiative, contacted the student AIGA club - American Institute of Graphic Arts - about creating a logo. Hultgren, of is part of the club and offered to help.

Using multiple sketches, Linse and the Health Dunn Right steering committee designed the logo, which features the words “Health Dunn Right” with darker and lighter green leaves above it. 

“They really wanted a rural Wisconsin feel about it and to prioritize all types of health,” Hultgren said in a press release. “I think a lot of people think of nature and being outside as healthy. The word health is colored brown to represent the soil and the leaves growing out of that.”

Hultgren said she initially came up with more than 20 sketches and had a coalition committee narrow down what it liked. 

Linse said in a press release, “She did everything we had hoped and then some. The logo implies growth and the history of the community. We wanted to make sure health is emphasized.”

For Hultgren, creating the logo and working with the coalition was enjoyable. Many projects students work on are only seen by professors and classmates, she noted. 

“It’s cool to see a project come to life,” Hultgren said. “It’s fun having other people see something I worked on. It was a really good experience. In the future, I am going to be working with clients and making sure they are satisfied and happy how it represents them and their brand.”

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