During the election season, letter writers will be held to the following guidelines:

  • No letters regarding campaign issues will be published in the edition immediately prior to the election or primary days (the Aug. 6 and Oct. 29 issues). If letters are submitted for the second to the last edition that require response or rebuttal, a narrow and specific response to the new allegation or accusation may be allowed in the edition immediately prior to Election Day.
  • Electronic submissions are preferred. They can be sent to hannah.davis@apgecm.com.
  • All letters must include the letter writer’s name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers for verification purposes. Email addresses are not sufficient for verification. Only the writer’s name and city of residence will be published, and the writer’s contact information will not be shared.
  • The Forest Lake Times will publish only one letter every calendar month from the same author, even if the letters are for different candidates or on different topics. In addition, any person mentioned in a letter or editorial has the right to reply to that specifically. 
  • Letters may be no longer than 250 words. The Forest Lake Times reserves the right to edit for content and length.
  • Letter writers are responsible for verification of facts and providing legitimate sources and documentation for their statements.
  • Rebuttals are welcome. Counter-rebuttals are rarely used. No more than two letters from each individual on a particular topic. 
  • In most cases, letters from the candidates will not be accepted, but the candidates may be able to submit rebuttal letters to a specific issue. Otherwise, the candidate’s opinion and self-promotion can be printed in an advertisement. 
  • The Times reserves the right to not publish any letter.
  • Letters will be examined for “name calling,” libelous, false and misleading statements and plagiarism, and could be disqualified for publication for any of these reasons.
  • Mass-produced letters are not allowed.
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