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One staff added at full time, plus a part-time returning face

The Linwood Town Board increased the township’s workforce at its July 23 meeting, voting to hire Paul Deuth as a full-time employee to work on recycling, janitorial and public works duties.

Supervisor Ed Kramer said the township’s recycling budget could support 75% of Deuth’s $24.50 per hour salary and benefits.

“If the majority of the work is coming out of recycling, that is a little easier to handle,” Supervisor Mike Halliday said, adding that he would like to see Deuth learn how to do recycling center paperwork and some of the more complex duties to free up more time for Kramer, who currently is one of the biggest drivers of the township’s recycling efforts.

Supervisor Carol Searing requested that Deuth be trained on running the township’s recycling website as well.

Deuth’s additional 10 hours a week would be spent working on janitorial and public works projects.

“Our maintenance guys are so strapped to lawnmowers that they have no time to get other projects done,” Supervisor Bob Millerbernd mused, regarding the need for more assistance. Kramer suggested hiring high school students to help with the mowing.

Town Attorney Bob Ruppe attended the meeting and asked if the hiring was contingent on getting the money from recycling revenue.

Kramer explained that the recycling program is reimbursed by the county and that the amounts can change yearly.

“The whole intent is that we are getting three-fourths of the hours from recycling,” Halliday said.


Building inspector Mike Jungbauer has been off work unexpectedly. He is now cleared to return to work, but there is a backlog of inspections. The Town Board voted to hire former building inspector Kevin Tramm at $40 per hour.

“Our intention is not to have Mike back full time and Kevin 20 hours a week, but we will use him when we need him,” Halliday said.

Tramm will be working evenings and Saturdays.

In other business, in a special meeting held Monday, July 22, the Linwood Town Board decided not to purchase the road grader from the city of Columbus that had previously been discussed at the board’s July 9 meeting.

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