Rush, rush! Zoom ... there goes another summer in Minnesota.

Have you ever been so busy that you knew that each day for the rest of the summer was chock full and way overloaded, like a backyard bratwurst? A glance at the calendar shows a frustrating tangle of work and activities. I can’t fit it all in or keep up. People are calling to add more items to the agenda, and the wife has been hinting about the deck and another quick trip out of town. 

I like travel as well as seeing projects around the house finished yet, but there is only one me and limited days in August. 

Something must be done! As resourceful Americans, we could use some of our inventiveness and ingenuity to somehow add another month of summer. Call it “August II.” They did it for Rocky; they can do it for us! We could then enjoy 13 months a year and have 31 more days of summer fun. I would gladly carry a sign in the parade and vote for anyone promising to add this second month of August. 

We need it, and we should all demand it! We could all use more days on the sand of Forest Lake lounging in the warm water. Thirty-one more days would mean more long walks with the dog and lots of biking under the warm blue sky. We need more time for barbecue burgers, grilled corn and hot dogs! This extra month will be great for business,s as there would be more days to race to replace inner tubes, water skis and busted ice chests. Let’s really stimulate the economy with this extra month of back-to-school shopping and sunburn. 

An additional month of summer would finally allow me those extra few weeks to catch up on that dreaded list. A fresh coat of paint or stain would really brighten up this county, and this extra month would do the trick. Garages would be swept and garage sales would abound. For once, I might even have my snow blower ready.

A few extra weeks of summer would allow me to possibly even finish reading that book I started last summer. Now we are talking progress! 

August II would be so nice to spend time relaxing in the back yard and sharing a cool drink with some long lost friends. Spending time with someone face to face seems so much more enjoyable than Facebook. 

After the first week of the second month of August, I would have extra time to take that long walk with my sweetheart down the tree-lined street. As we would leisurely stroll, we’d listen to the birds sing joyously and she would be mostly silent because, well, everything on the list is completed. And best of all, for once my lawn would look like someone lived at my house.

I might even get bored. Wow, that does sound relaxing.

Norm Barnhart lives near Forest Lake and is an author of 15 books in libraries everywhere. He presents a motivational program on health, humor happiness for corporate and civic groups. Learn more at

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