Lions Park dirt parking lot  in line to get paved in 2021

by Jim Boyle


Zimmerman Public Works Director Keith Koehler received the green light to proceed with the final design for a parking lot at Lions Park in Zimmerman.

Koehler said the hope is to go out for bids by the end of this month and to have the project completed in the fall. He said it was chosen as a good way to demonstrate the value of the franchise fees that were initiated in 2020.

The lot, which will contain about 200 stalls, will include an island to provide some delineation and keep speeds to a minimum. The lot services baseball fields, a civic building, and parkland that includes a volleyball court and picnic shelters. There’s also an adjacent park-and-ride and access to the Great Northern Trail.

The main island could be landscaped with grass and or trees, but a decision on that can be made later, Koehler told council members. Having the island will make the parking lot more difficult to plow, but officials discussed how keeping speed of traffic in the lot at a minimum would be of greater value than being able to plow the lot more quickly.

The next steps will be to engage an electrical engineer for lighting plans and to moving into final design, Koehler said.

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