Zimmerman City Council: Sheldon Shepard

Sheldon Shepard

Sheldon Shepard*

Age: 59

Address: 26352

Family: Wife, Jackie; Sons: Brandon, Troy and Kyle; Daughters-in-law: Katie and Emma; Grandchildren: Cora Lee and one to be named later

Education: 1979 Blaine High School graduate and some college

1. Briefly summarize your personal background and qualifications.

I’ve worked at my job for 41 years, and my wife and I own a pizza shop in Mora.

2. What are your top three priorities if you are elected?

Getting the state to commit to a design and location to the Highway 169/County Road 4 interchange as this is needed to show any possible businesses how this would affect them. Keeping the future sewer expansion and later a new well as reasonable as possible.

3. What is your biggest accomplishment in public life?

Look around at what has been done in Zimmerman over the past year and I ask myself how I could pick just one.

4. What prompted you to run for Zimmerman City Council?

All the years on the planning commission and then sending stuff to the council to finalize plans left me wanting to see things all the way through to the end.

5. What decision of the Zimmerman City Council have you liked most and why? What decision of the Zimmerman City Council have you liked least?

We make decisions as a team on the council, good ones and bad ones. Hopefully, we learn from our bad ones.

6. The Zimmerman Fire Hall and Community Center is being built. What role will you play to see that the facility best meets the needs of the fire department and community?

Seeing that the community center will be used to the best it can be (once COVID eases up for events). We need it to be used by people who do not live in Zimmerman as well. That should help with the fire station.

7. How would you rate the level of collaboration and partnership with the Elk River Area School District and Sherburne County? What do you see as opportunities for increased collaboration between either of the two or both?

I think that we have a pretty good relationship with Sherburne County, but I believe that there is room from improvement with the school district.

8. What experience do you have working with large budgets? What would be your approach to budgeting for the city? What city services would you consider reducing to balance a budget or cover new expenditures deemed necessary or important?

I have been on the council for two years now working with the city budget so I feel I have an advantage on that one. I don’t believe that you can make a decision on city services until you know what could be reduced and not hurt city functions at the time of need and then and only then can you make a sound choice.

9. Highway 169 in Elk River will be converted to a freeway. An effort to get an interchange at Sherburne County Road 4 and Highway 169 has been launched. What should the city’s role be in fostering economic development and quality of life measures in Zimmerman?

Step 1 is getting a design and location (we have neither). Once that takes place then the EDA will be able to see  how this will benefit their businesses with additional business in town. It will give people a chance to work in town and not commuting away.

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